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People in critical condition are taken to hospital. A copy of the agreement between the operator and the port authorities, which the Guardian has, said 14 people should be evacuated to hospital if the ships docked. Under the agreement, Carnival Corp. Broward County must pay Treuhand US$1 million until the obligations of the contract are fulfilled. On Thursday morning, Broward County Chief Michael Udine issued a statement saying local officials had reached an agreement with Carnival in collaboration with the Coast Guard, Customs and Border Guards and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It will allow healthy passengers to get off and take cars, charter flights or rented buses to get home. The airline says about 45 passengers still have “a mild illness and are not fit to travel at this stage.” This group will remain on board and isolate themselves until they recover and are allowed to travel according to CDC guidelines. The governor caved when, a few days later, a “single command” of the federal, state and local authorities reached an agreement on a plan to repatriate Zaandam, which left a 20-day trip to Chile on 7 March in Buenos Aires, Argentina. A second leg of the cruise was scheduled to end on April 7 in Fort Lauderdale.

A team of public health, public health, public health and local authorities found that the company`s preliminary plan for the evacuation of the vessel was not appropriate and initially refused the vessel entry into the United States, while allowing ships to continue sailing as soon as a safe passenger evacuation agreement was approved. According to a copy of the long agreement with Carnival Corp. submitted to the Miami Herald, the company is responsible for coordinating and providing travel to Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport for the 1,211 passengers able to travel to other locations in the United States and abroad. Passengers are inspected by the ship`s medical personnel prior to travel. “It`s a go, everything is signed,” said Broward District Commissioner Barbara Sharief, who said the plan was briefly halted by the need for company agreements on how they would take responsibility for additional patients who should be hospitalized.