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You should always have a written lease with your landlord. The written rental agreement provides proof of what you and your landlord have agreed to. An oral lease does not provide you with as much protection, and the law applies to your relationship with your landlord, regardless of the form of the lease. This is a common misunderstanding that, if there is an oral rent, then the tenant does not have to provide the right notice to terminate the tenancy. That is not the case. The law generally applies to both oral and written leases, so even if your lease is oral, you must always respect the law and give reasonable notice to your landlord. Frequently asked questions: should the lease be written? Before a tenant moves in, the tenant and landlord must accept the terms and conditions of the tenancy in a contract called a rental or rental agreement. A tenant who sublet or sublets the rental premises may be responsible for the balance of the tenancy agreement or may not be responsible for it, and may opt for legal advice. The Alberta tenant must move in on the day of the contract and move on the day the contract is withdrawn. The lease ends at the end of the contract date. There is no need for a notification. If a tenant commits a substantial breach of the tenancy agreement, the lessor can ask the RTDRS or the court to terminate the lease or give the tenant at least 14 days` notice.

The date on which the notification is issued and the day of departure cannot be included within 14 days, so the total announcement required is 16 days. A temporary rent ends on the day set in the tenancy agreement, unless both parties agree to an early termination. For example, if the fixed term is from January 1 to December 31, the lease automatically expires on December 31. Unless the tenant and landlord make other arrangements, the tenant must move by noon on December 31. Neither the landlord nor the tenant can be excluded from the tenancy. If the landlord adds or changes locks, a new key must be immediately given to the tenant.