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Students must enter into a consortium agreement to distribute financial aid among institutions. For example, you take 9 credits to Boise State (original institution) and 3 credits to the College of Western Idaho (host institute). With an approved consortium agreement, you are considered full-time (12 credits) and you are entitled to a full-time allowance in the State of Boise. The following conditions must be met to qualify for the conclusion of a consortium agreement: you will find complete information on the authorizations in the consortium`s agreement form. In the “Student Certification” section of the form, you confirm that you meet the following criteria for the agreement: The Hocking College University Center was created to help students complete their training through a variety of partner schools. Below is a list of the institutions with which Hocking College has joint agreements. A articulation agreement is a formally approved agreement that corresponds to the course work between schools. These are designed to help students make a smooth transition during transmission. University centre staff are available to students for a four-year degree. If you are going to take courses at another domestic school while you are still a student at the University of Iowa, you may be able to enter into a consortium to obtain financial assistance for credit hours at the University of Iowa and the other school (host school). The objective of a consortium agreement is to ensure the appropriate amount of aid. Consortium agreements are only processed if they are necessary to help you obtain your federal financial assistance.

Note: Most scholarships require full-time enrollment from the University of Iowa. We advise you to discuss your scholarships with a financial aid advisor before you want to enter into a consortium agreement. If you take courses at more than one of Idaho`s colleges in the consortium, your credits can be combined for financial assistance purposes. Boise State, College of Western Idaho and the College of Southern Idaho participate in the consortium agreement. With an approved consortium agreement, you can potentially increase your eligibility. See the conditions for registering scholarships. Section I – To be completed by the guest student. Note that a consortium contract is only good for one term. Section II – To be completed by the host institution. The tax office of the school that the student attends must follow Section II.

In closing this section, the host institution is committed to providing grade protocols at the end of the course the student has taken. Maintaining these transcripts for each semester determines academic progress at the University of Idaho.