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In addition, the student must take out liability insurance for any damages he may cause during the internship. If necessary, it must also verify that the insurance certificate also covers the internship abroad. An “internship agreement” is likely to be requested for students working in France. Similarly, students who are taking an internship in Spain can apply for a “Convenio de Colaboracion”. In other countries, you have to use the tripartite agreement. This is a three-way agreement between the student, the university and the host company. Here are some helpful tips for finding an internship and what to do once you`ve found a job. According to the company, students define the content of the internship and document it in an internship agreement. The agreement is essential for the internship to be recognized as meeting the mandatory internship requirement.

The internship contract must be structured as follows: for professors who wish to supervise the master`s project by a tripartite contract (EPFL, student, company) or if the company agrees to keep certain company information confidential, an agreement is available for the master`s project. The signing of the EPFL tripartite agreement does not impede the establishment of a separate bilateral contract between the company and the student. If the student wishes to extend the duration of the internship and one of the above agreements has already been concluded (and no other conditions of the previous agreement have been amended), a renewal document should be signed by all parties, setting the new mediation deadline. Very rarely, a company can refuse to sign the internship contract. It is then necessary for the student to contact his department internship coordinator to explain why the company does not wish to sign the document. Possible solutions will then be discussed between EPFL and the company. For the authorization, students must send the internship contract to the internship coordinator after the student and the company tutor have signed the document. The internship coordinator reviews and approves the agreement in agreement with the teacher. The internship contract will be refunded to the student as soon as all the necessary signatures have been collected. N.b. The university cannot sign agreements for people who have completed their studies and organise an internship in a personal capacity. Presentation of the agreement (DOCX, 23 KB) on the basis of the sample.

However, the use of this model is not mandatory. The internship contract is not specifically regulated by law. The parties are therefore in principle free to agree on the conditions under which the internship contract is concluded. Because of the three essential elements of an employment contract, an internship contract could indeed be an employment contract. Unless the professor has signed a confidentiality agreement, as described in the paragraph above, the teacher must ask the student to remove the confidential portions of the report before downloading. The companies in the register can be contacted through the listed caller and ask if there is an internship in the company at a chosen time.