Personal Umbrella

Umbrella, Excess CPL, UIM and more…

Sometimes your standard homeowners and automobile insurance coverage is not enough protection. Couch Braunsdorf, can provide Personal Umbrella insurance coverage above and beyond your policies. We have access to the most competitive personal umbrella insurance rates available from multiple A.M. Best “A-” or better rated admitted and non-admitted carriers. We offer competitive quotes online, by phone or via email. Contact our Personal Umbrella insurance specialists today to learn more about our coverage solutions.


  • Three Ways to Quote: 1) Online, 2) Phone, 3) Email a Specialist
  • A.M. Best “A” rated admitted market
  • Up to $5,000,000 limits available
  • Available to underlying minimum homeowners limits $300,000
  • Available to underlying minimum automobile limits $250,000 / $500,000 / $100,000
  • Comprehensive Liability
  • Excess CPL
  • Target/High Profile CPL
  • Excess Umbrella
  • High Profile Umbrella
  • UIM coverage of $25,000 included with option to increase to$1M or $2M based on driver history
Binding Requirements
    • Signed eSignature application via QuickHome
    • Diligent effort form
    • State affidavit (if applicable)
    • Fire Marshal Report required if previous fire claim
    • “A” rated or better admitted and non-admitted markets
    • Additional products include Excess Umbrella policies, high-profile Umbrella policies, Comprehensive Liability policies, Excess CPL and target/high profile CPL products
    • All with limits up to $5M
    • Flexible underwriting
    • Limits available up to $5M (quotes for additional products are by submission only)