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When filing an international design application through the USPTO as an indirect repository through the EFS-Web, reproductions attached to the “Reproduction Appendixes” section should not include reproduction numbering in downloaded reproduction image files. Instead, EFS-Web asks the spin to assign a design and view number when each reproduction image file (a single PDF page or JPEG) is downloaded. CIDA and CIDR should be amended specifically to give an international registration that gives Canada the same effect as a CIDA application. In addition, Canada should have met Canadian requirements for an international registration day.3 Information on the Hague system, including geographic coverage and a user guide, is available on WIPO`s website www.wipo.int/hague/en/. « 1. 1. An application must relate to a design that applies to a single article or phrase or variants. Although the application for filing with the USPTO contains all the elements required for a filing date under the Hague Convention, the right to the date of receipt of the USPTO as a filing date depends on the receipt of the application to the USPTO within six months of the date of receipt of the UsPTO. See the Hague Agreement, Article 13. The USPTO does not forward the application to the IB if the information fee has not been paid or if the DM/1 application form does not indicate, for each applicant, at least one U.S. nationality or habitual residence, a habitual residence or a real and real commercial or commercial establishment in the United States.

(Box 2 of form DM/1). In addition, the United States must be declared “applicant contractors” for each applicant (case 3 of the DM/1 form). No, any response to an invitation from the International Office to the applicant must be sent directly to the International Office to avoid any termination or loss of rights under Article 8 of the Hague Convention. The USPTO will not forward notifications received to the International Office after forwarding the international design application to the International Office. S.9.1 (3) CIDR notes, however, that “in the case of an application that contains more than one view, a single view may display on a single design an environment that is not part of the article to which the design is applied if that environment helps to clearly indicate what the article or design characteristics are.” Question HA5040: Can a non-provisional application for an international application for a design, determined by the United States, appeal? Question HA5000: My international design application contained no claim to a foreign priority. Can I add foreign priority during the U.S. review phase? Renewal of the international application may take place for one or all of the designated contracting parties and for any or any business model subject to international registration (Article 17, paragraph 4). One possibility would be to amend the AEAZ so that a commercial design that is the subject of an international application to register Canada on the first day the IOD provides the IB with a statement pursuant to Rule 18 bis or 2) if, within the time limit for the CIDO notification that a refusal is denied, the expiry date of that period is not notified.